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Shawn Johnson Hits the Books at Vanderbilt

Retired world and Olympic gold medalist Shawn Johnson (U.S.) will be a full-time freshman next fall, she told NBC Olympics in an interview.

The 2007 world all-around champion and 2008 Olympic champion on balance beam said she has moved to Nashville and enrolled at Vanderbilt University, where she plans to study sports psychology and dietetics. “I want to turn it around in the sport,” Johnson said. “I want to give back to gymnastics.”

Johnson followed her 2008 Olympic success by winning ABC’s hit show “Dancing with the Stars.” She returned to competition in 2011, but a knee injury led to her retirement before the 2012 Olympic Games. {}

Catching up with Shawn Johnson

Shawn Johnson has kept plenty busy since her four-medal performance at the 2008 Olympics.

The gymnast won “Dancing with the Stars” in 2009, made a run at the 2012 Olympics after tearing an ACL skiing and then retired two months before the London Games due to the knee injury.

Johnson went back on “Dancing with the Stars” for an all-star edition later in 2012 and recently started taking college classes.

OlympicTalk recently caught up with Johnson to look back on her career, discuss her future and analyze the current gymnastics scene:

OlympicTalk: You’re in college now, what are you studying?

Johnson: I’m a freshman at Vanderbilt, studying sports psychology and dietetics. I want to turn it around in the sport. I want to give back to gymnastics.

OlympicTalk: What’s the classroom setting like?

Johnson: I haven’t really been in a classroom setting yet. I’m going to be a full-time student next fall. But I’ve done a lot of online.

OlympicTalk: Why Vanderbilt?

Johnson: I already live in Nashville, so it was already kind of a perfect fit. I lived in LA for a while. It’s a little bit too big of a city for me, seeing as I’m from Des Moines, Iowa. And then I found Nashville, was interested in Vanderbilt and moved there. My best friend lives there. It kind of all fell together.

OlympicTalk: What are your first memories of the 2008 Olympics?

Johnson: I would say the team competition was the epitome of the Olympics for me, being able to work together, compete together and earn a (silver) medal. It’s everything that I had dreamed of and worked for.

OlympicTalk: Would you change anything about your comeback in 2010 in hindsight?

Johnson: Not at all. It wasn’t exactly like I dreamed or planned because I wanted to be on that (Olympic) team, but I don’t think I would have come back if it weren’t for my knee injury. That was kind of the motivation behind it, and that ultimately is what ended my career. It was a great learning experience. I wouldn’t change it.

OlympicTalk: Which current gymnast do you like to watch?

Johnson: She’s not a senior yet, but her name is Norah Flatley (14 years old, on the Junior National Team). She’s a Chow’s gymnast (training under Liang Chow, Johnson’s longtime coach in Iowa). She worked under me. She’s almost a mini-me. She’ll be in the 2016 Olympics if I’m putting my money on it.

OlympicTalk: No U.S. woman has made back-to-back Olympic teams since 2000. What do you attribute that to?

Johnson: Our difficulty level. I think our girls are so far ahead of other gymnasts and other countries. We choose such difficulty that we almost burn our girls out too early. It works for us. We bring the medals back and everything, but I think it’s a lifestyle. We have the freedom to kind of move into other things, where other countries make a living off of it.

OlympicTalk: Can you compare/contrast your 2008 Olympic Team to the 2012 Fierce Five?

Johnson: No comparison to 2012, but I think the 2008 team was really great because we had our team leader, Alicia Sacramone. She was like the mom. She kept us all grounded and sane and not distracted. We had strengths from every other girl. Sam Peszek was awesome. She was good on every event. Bridget Sloan, Chellsie Memmel, Nastia Liukin, obviously, she won everything. We had a really good team bond, and we were a family. So, it worked well.

OlympicTalk: Do you still talk to Liukin?

Johnson: We don’t talk very much. She is a busy, busy girl. As am I. All of our lives have gone different directions, but we keep in touch every once in a while. Alicia just got married, so we were all celebrating that. I guess we’re growing up a little bit.

OlympicTalk: You’ve said you want to run a marathon?

Johnson: I’m still recovering from injuries from my sport, so I’ve been out of commission for the last year, not able to work out or do anything. My goals are definitely physical, trying to get back in shape and back into everything. So a marathon would be amazing. I have a crazy idea for an Ironman one day.

OlympicTalk: Why an Ironman?

Johnson: Just because it’s so extreme. The Olympics are extreme, so why not an Ironman? I hate running in general, I feel like I would drown, and I don’t really own a bike. So it doesn’t make sense, but I’ll accomplish it someday. I’m a competitor.

OlympicTalk: So you’re still dealing with injuries?

Johnson: Some nagging stuff. I also love to work out, so I never stop. My doctor finally made me stop for a year. I’m finally getting back to it.


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I’ve added a few photoshoot pic that have gone under the radar from 2012.

Media & Interviews > Photoshoots

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I’ve added some candids of Shawn working at a pie shop in NYC along with Kate Gosselin for the upcoming season of Celebrity Apprentice:
Candids > Candids in 2014 > March 25: Filming Celebrity Apprentice in NYC

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Shawn is going to be in this season’s Celebrity Apprentice :D ! Filming starts soon, and the first episode of season 14 will air this fall!

The Donald awaits! The cast of Celebrity Apprentice’s Season 14 has been revealed, and it seems as though the boardroom will surely be drama-filled with cat fights galore.

This year’s celebrity contestants include The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Brandi Glanville, mom of eight Kate Gosselin and The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kenya Moore, Us Weekly can confirm. Veteran journalist Geraldo Rivera will also be joining, along with The Cosby Show alum Keshia Knight Pulliam, TMZ reports. (Go Rudy!)

Us can also confirm that Ludacris, Vivica A. Fox, Shawn Johnson, Lorenzo Lamas, Ian Ziering, and Gabrielle Reece will come face-to-face with Trump and his famous “you’re fired!” line.

Last year, Trace Adkins beat out Penn Jillette for the win in the first-ever All-Star Celebrity Apprentice. He was joined by other famous faces Dee Snyder, Dennis Rodman, Garey Busey, Lisa Rinna, Lil Jon, among others.

Celebrity Apprentice Season 14 filming is set for spring, and will air on NBC in the 2014-2015 season. The cast will be officially announced on Thursday, March 20. {}

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Shawn was featured in Extreme Makeover, S07e02, the Hampton family. She donates a framed inspirational signed photo to aspiring gymnasts. Ashley Tisdale is also a featured celebrity guest. Catch Shawn at the 24.40 mark.

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(Photo Credit: KDKA)

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Shawn Johnson took up gymnastics at the age of 3.

It was obvious from the start that she had serious talent. But it was her hard work and determination that carried her though countless competitions.

Eventually she landed a spot in the 2008 Winter Olympics, where she won several silver medals and a gold.

Years later, in 2012, Johnson announced she was retiring from gymnastics.

“I was kind of burnt out,” she said. “I feel like when you lose any heart in that sport, you kind of lose the success of it. But my body was falling apart. I had had two knee surgeries, I need a third one, I fractured a vertebrae in my back, I had arthritis already. It was a bunch of things.”

A day after the announcement, Johnson signed on to do “Dancing with the Stars” for a second time.

“It was like going back home,” she said. “It was a family. I kind of got to share my story of why I retired and let people get to know me a little more than just the gymnast on TV.”

In addition to “Dancing with the Stars,” Johnson has been busy working as a cheerleading commentator.

She also is in the process of opening a gym in her hometown of Des Moine, Iowa.

And there’s something else. Johnson travels to gyms around the country, talking to young people about gymnastics, fitness and healthy living.

She was recently at a gymnastics center in Wexford, where she talked about the P&G Gymnastics Championship, which is set to be held in Pittsburgh next year.

She didn’t take off without signing a few autographs.

“It’s so much fun getting to meet up and coming gymnasts and recreational gymnasts and elite gymnasts,” she said, “everybody, I can relate to them. I know their story and I see myself in them.”

Next up on Johnson’s agenda is attending college. She was just accepted to Vanderbilt University in Nashville.

“I want to major in sports psychology and dietetics,” she said. “So nutrition and the psychology side of my sport, I think it’s neat.”

Although Johnson says she misses the beam and bars, she is thrilled to have this new chapter in life.

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Olympic champion Shawn Johnson speaks on growth from pain in visit to Kirksville

U.S. Olympic champion gymnast Shawn Johnson smiles during a press event following her speaking engagement Friday night at Truman State University. Johnson, who brought four medals, including one gold, home from the 2008 Beijing Olympics, spoke about her experiences and painful moments in her past that shaped the person who she is today. On top of the world and at rock bottom at the same time. It might seem impossible, and even more so for someone who had an Olympic gold medal once draped around her neck, but Olympic champion gymnast Shawn Johnson’s story of success is marked by pain that seems impossible to bear, a moment where she said she believed she’d disappointed the entire planet. She was 16 years old in that moment and had committed the apparent athletic’s sin of earning a silver Olympic medal. Johnson opened up about that and other painful moments she said have defined who she is during a speaking engagement Friday night at Truman State University’s Baldwin Auditorium. During an hour-long speech and question-and-answer session she challenged the world’s outlook on athletic success and said despite a society that judges accomplishments by the color of a medal, true success can only be determined from within. “I know that if I’ve tried my absolute hardest, there’s nothing anybody can do or give me that means more,” she said. Johnson took the crowd through three signature moments in her life, including early childhood rejection and dealing with the aftermath of her sudden decision to retire from gymnastics in 2012, just weeks before the Summer Olympics. The speech centered on her experiences at the 2008 games in Beijing, when after posting an undefeated record in various international and U.S. championships Johnson entered as the heavy favorite to win four gold medals, including in the all-around competition. “The consensus was unless something tragic happened, unless some devastating disappointment happened, I was to bring back four gold medals for the US of A,” Johnson said. “That was my duty.” Things didn’t go as planned from the start. The Americans took silver in the team competition. In the individual event competitions she took gold in the balance beam, and silver in floor exercise. Still, she had the ultimate prize – a gold in the all-around competition – in her sights, until her American teammate Nastia Liukin mathematically clinched the top spot on the podium seconds before Johnson took the mat for her final floor performance. “In my heart and in my eyes, I had disappointed the entire world,” Johnson said. “To know that I wasn’t going to walk out with a gold medal, I questioned whether I should even compete. When we’re taught to win and nothing else is good enough, do you even go out and finish?” She did finish, and turned in what she called the best floor routine of her life, adding the experience was “liberating” and “free.” “In that instant, I wasn’t doing it for anybody. I was doing it for myself,” she said. While she says she was proud and accepting of her performance, others weren’t ready to offer praise. At the medal presentation she described a look of “pain” on the face of the man who presented her silver. In the post-event interviews the first question she received was, “So, Shawn, how does it feel to lose?” “I look back on that and I realized even then, we are doing it all wrong. We are teaching kids, at 16, we are teaching them and even younger that getting a silver medal at the Olympic games is failure,” Johnson said. She doesn’t see it that way and hopes others can learn to celebrate achievements and effort, instead of limiting praise to merely the person at the top of the pyramid. “In all honesty, the gold medal doesn’t really mean anything to me. It’s not that special,” she said. “That silver medal in the all-around means more to me than anything ever could. I learned more from that one day than I think I could in a lifetime.”

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Public Appearances > 2013 > Oct 14: NikeFuel Forum Live Event

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Shawn Johnson on Retiring From Gymnastics, Her New Sport, and the Bracelet that Keeps Her Motivated!

With Olympic gold and silver under her belt, and her Dancing With the Stars Mirrorball trophy to display at home, Shawn Johnson isn’t done challenging herself. The retired gymnast (and AMAZING dancer!) has taken up a new sport: running. I had a chance to speak with cute-as-abutton Shawn at a press conference for Nike’s latest Fuelband (which, hello, is wildly cool and tracks all-day movement, workouts, and, yes, now sleep! Sign me up!). Shawn really digs her Fuelband SE, on which she tracks her workouts and more—and here’s why!

Glamour: We hear you’ve started to run as a sport. How’s that going?
Shawn Johnson: I’m not a runner at all, so it’s going OK. I got into running because when I retired from gymnastics, I had a lot of stuff on my mind, a lot of drama…the loss of the sport. It was a hard time for me. So the one thing I found that tickled my thoughts away was running! I remember at night when I was at home, I’d go on runs on the streets at home, and it just cleared my mind. So I fell in love with it that way.

Glamour: What’s been the most challenging part of taking up running?
SJ: I’m still trying to find a balance to being told to run or running on my own, which I can go on forever.

Glamour: We like to talk fashion at Glamour. What do you wear to run?
SJ: Well, Nike of course! I’m not one who likes to wear really tight stuff when I run, so big baggy, comfy, cozy clothes. Nike came out with this new comfy, cozy line called Tech Fleece. There’s this amazing cape in the collection. Also, I wear Nike nights and I swear by their Pegasus shoes for running. They’re the most cushiony.

Glamour: Outside of sports, are you super into fashion?
SJ: I’m not one that tries too hard when it comes to fashion. I live in athletic wear.

Glamour: Even shoes?
SJ: I wear a lot of wedges—I’m 4’11″—otherwise it’s tennis shoes and flats. Don’t get me wrong, I love heels and have plenty of them. My favorite pair is probably [my] Louboutins. I’m a girly girl that way; I wear them on special occasions.

Glamour: Four-foot-eleven! you can rock some pretty high heels if you want to! Any style tips for girls who are under 5 feet?
SJ: I have everything altered. A couple of inches can do a shorter girl justice. We can definitely pull off short skirts!

Olympic Darling Shawn Johnson Opens Up About Life After Gymnastics
elle fashion

“When I stopped gymnastics, I was lost and had no idea what to do because my whole life had been regimented since I was 3 years old,” she told the audience. “The FuelBand has really helped me figure out my fitness since then, because it’s like having your own personal coach.” We caught up with the 21-year-old American gymnastics darling to talk about retired life, her fitness bucket list, and the scoop on the ladies to watch out in Rio come 2016.
We hear you have a fitness bucket list. What do you have on there that could possibly top winning Olympic medals?

I did a half marathon, and now I want to do a full marathon, a triathlon (all the distances), and someday, I want to do an Ironman. It’s on the list and it has to be crossed off one day.

Are you going to get an Ironman tattoo as well?
Discreetly, I think you have to. If you make it that far, you have to get one and you have earned it.
Before your half marathon, you were quoted saying that you are not a runner, which is a concept that a lot of people also struggle with. How did you get past that?
I first started learning to run, (like longer than two minutes), when I retired from gymnastics, and I had so much on my mind that I didn’t know where to go. I would just run at night. I would put my headphones on and run around my home town to clear my mind. I found a little love for it then, and I started to add distance from there. I still have a hard time if someone tells me that I have to run 20 miles today—I don’t like that, and I will run, like, one mile. But the next day if I feel stressed, I will go run 20 on my own.
What are your favorite running gear pieces?
Nike tights, I swear by those, and then the Nike Pegasus for shoes. I have knee issues and back problems, so that gives me some nice cushioning. They also have a new comfy, cozy, baggy sweater, and I really like to run in that.
You Tweet a lot about your nutrition and healthy meals. What are your top pre and post-workout snacks?
My stomach gets upset when I run, so I try not to do too much before I run. Sometimes, I will do a smoothie, which seems to be okay, or a piece of chicken. Then I have a bigger meal afterwards. I eat pretty clean and healthy—big salads with avocado and chicken. Something that fills me up but isn’t steak and potatoes.
Will you be going to the games in Rio to cheer everyone on?

Rio is definitely in my sights. I would love to be there working, actually. And it will be interesting to go through yet another Olympics—I am going to start feeling really old. The girls coming up are unbelievable though.
Anyone in particular we should watch out for?I am biased because she is from my gym, but her name is Norah Flatley. She is the cutest, most amazing little athlete I have ever seen. She is like my little sister. If she is there, I am going to be crying the entire time.
What else are you focused on these days?
I am developing my own gym in West Des Moines, Iowa. It’s not really a gymnastics gym, it’s just a bunch of stuff under one roof. Hopefully by next spring we are going to break ground finally. And school, I’m finally going to college! I’m waiting on my official acceptance letter right now. {}